Types of Foundation Repair

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The foundation is an important and crucial component of every structure. Once it experiences movement and settlement, it will lead to more serious structural issues that need to be addressed right away. There are minor issues like shrinkage cracks that you can repair with sealants or patches but a major issue like a vertical movement; you should be alarmed because it will have huge effect on the structural integrity of the building.  

Foundation Repair

The cracks you see on the walls might be caused by sudden forces like floors and earthquakes or by frost heaves and soil settlement. If you have a foundation problem, you will need the expertise of a Mesquite foundation repair contractor. He will use either one of the two common methods of repair, piering or slabjacking.  

Deciphering the Cracks 

The cracks you see on your home are one of the indications that you might have a foundation problem. The hairline cracks are not structural issues but they are still called shrinkage cracks because they are caused by foundation movement. However if you have major issues like stepped cracks, it means that the foundation experiences heaving or settlement.  

Almost vertical or really vertical cracks in a concrete foundation are other symptoms of structural problem that you should be alarmed about. If they have wide cracks at one end or both, it means that the foundation’s middle part of heaving, rising or has dropped. If the cracks appear horizontally at the foundation’s joints, it means that the foundation is experiencing too much pressure from the soil. These are all issues that are serious and shouldn’t be neglected.  

Masonry Patches and Sealants 

Cracks that are caused by shrinkage will need to be sealed or patched using masonry patches or sealants products. These shrinkage cracks are common and are commonly filled or caulked with hydraulic cement. Other products used are masonry repair epoxy. This is not a sign that your structure’s integrity is compromised, but you seal it to prevent water and moisture from getting through.  


One of the processes done by foundation contractors to repair a sinking foundation is called slabjacking. They fill the space under the slab so it will go back to its original place. The process will have them drill strategically placed holes in the slab’s base and fill them with a mixture of fly ash, cement and other additives. This job will require a specific set of skills and specialized equipment, so don’t attempt to DIY this repair to avoid spending more.  

Piering Repairs 

Piering is another repair method that uses steep pipe pilings to repair a settled foundation. Two types of piers are installed, the push pier and the helical pier. Push piers are driven deep into the soil using a hydraulic ram. A trench is dug around the foundation to install the helical pier and then it is driven into the ground with the help of a steep shaft. To raise the foundation, the contractors will attach hydraulic jacks to both of them.  

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Where and How to Use Old and Demolished Concrete

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When building a new property on an existing building, the old should be removed. Demolishing a building is important so a new one can rise. Building demolition is never a DIY task, it’s a laborious task. Should you need a demolition company, you can call Myrtle Beach Demolition Services for your demolition needs.  

Demolished Concrete 

Once the project is done, you will be left with piles of concrete. You wouldn’t want to just throw them away and add up to the waste of our land, so better recycle them and reuse them. Recycling and reusing concrete will reduce the costs of your construction, and at the same time you’re going to give the environment a favor. Follow the recycling tips below.  

Using Old Concrete 

When demolishing a building, make sure to tell the demolishing company that you’re reusing the old concrete. Reclaimed concrete can be used on the walkways; you can also use the concrete to provide gaps for rainwater to reach the soil. Once the old concrete is crushed and processed, you can turn it into an aggregate.  

The demolished concrete pavement can also be used as a base for the asphalt pavement. It will undergo the process of rubblization. It can also be used as a bed foundation for the utilities underground. If you plan on using the recycled concrete on the new concrete, you can do so by combining it with a virgin aggregate. Other uses of recycled concrete are for making pots, blocks and benches which are beneficial for community use.  

Benefits of Recycling the Concrete 

Like we mentioned, recycling the old concrete will help you reduce your construction costs. It also extends the life of landfills for many years more. You can earn points for certification from the LEED Green Building Rating System. The reused concrete also saves transportation costs because you can recycle them on site, reduces disposal costs, and reduce environmental costs.  

How Concrete is Recycled 

The process of recycling concrete basically involves crushing it with equipment that has large impactors and jaws. A second impactor is also used and the screen will remove the particles and dirt from the concrete. There is a second screen where the coarse aggregate is removed. Additional methods like separators, water floatation and magnets are also conducted to remove other concrete components. Pulverizing the recycled concrete is not recommended because the separation process would be hard to complete.  

When recycling the concrete, you also have to use the right equipment. One of the practical things to use is the portable crusher which you can bring in any location. If you consider a concrete crusher, you have to consider some factors too. Make sure it has a powerful electromagnet that pulls the steel from the concrete. Look for the separate picking stations where you can separate loose materials. Consider the control system, do you need the manual one of the automatic one. You can also opt for systems with different jaws, conveyors and cones depending on the concrete type.  

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Benefits of Using a Party Bus Rental Service 

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You are already thinking of hiring a party bus but you are hesitant because of the high price attached to it. However, the reality is that it’s not real that party buses cost you a large amount of money and cannot be easily afforded by some people. As a matter of fact, party buses can be beneficial in many way as they can help you save money, effort and time while providing you a great opportunity to enjoy quality and memorable events with your family and friends. In this article, you’ll be able to learn some of the most important benefits of hiring a professional party bus company such as phoenix party bus rental aside from the comfort that these classy buses bring along for any occasions.

bus rental

  1. Large Vehicle for All Your Family and Friends

If you have many friends or family attending your event, the chance is that you will have to split the group in separate individual vehicles and you need to keep in check on all the vehicles while you are also traveling to your venue. If this is the case, coordination is not present all the times and because of that, some of your family or friends will arrive late for the event. But when you hire a professional party bus service provider, everyone can be able to reach the venue of your event exactly at the same time so you do not have to worry about coordinating with everyone as well as someone getting lost along the way.

  1. Your Invitation is Not Limited to a Few People Only

Party bus rentals put end to your limit of only inviting a few people to your event. When you plan a fun night out or party with your friends or family, you will have to make sure that you make arrangement for the transportation for all the people that are invited. If this is the case, limited transportation could definitely cause you to invite only a few of them. Fortunately, hiring a party bus service provider can be a lifesaver since it can allow you to invite many people without having to worry about how they will reach the venue of your event.

  1. Reduced Risk of Having DUI Charge

When you are with your friends, or sometimes with close relatives that you don’t often see, the alcohol consumption is certainly high. If one of your friends or family ends up driving their own vehicle after drinking alcohol, chances are that he or she will be charged with a very huge DUI traffic offense which can also be dangerous for a lot of people as well. However, should you decide to hire a party bus service, then a professional driver will be with you and he will be responsible to take you and your family and friends to and from your desired destination. Therefore, when you hire a rental party bus, the risk of driving under the influence is heavily reduced. What party bus rental companies can assure is that their drivers are well trained to drive in the most professional and safest way.



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